Looks like Dreamchasers and Write Gracefully are really taking off.

We currently have two books out, She Laughs With Demons and The Hunt for the Jade Tiger. Both books are completely different in genre. The Hunt for the Jade Tiger is currently available in paperback through Amazon as well as Createspace. She Laughs With Demons should be available in paperback by March 15th if not sooner.

This is all a dream come true but it has been a difficult road to go. It just proves you just have to keep chasing your dreams!

Barbara Pappan

Part II

Looks like we will be ordering our first shipment of books tomorrow, March 3rd, unless the weather decides differently. We are both very excited at the prospect of having copies in our hands and the ability to sell ... sell ... sell.


Seriously, all of those who have claimed to have wanted a paperback copy ... now is the time to order!

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